Florence de Dampierre, Organic and All-Natural Wrinkle Release Spray | Cedar Oil - 8 oz.

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Florence de Dampierre, Organic and All-Natural Wrinkle Release Spray | Cedar Oil - 8 oz.
  • FRESHEN FABRIC THE FRENCH WAY: Florence de Dampierre introduces one of her most trusted, must have products with her go to Wrinkle Release Spray. Use to remove up to moderately wrinkled areas by simply misting onto the garment and allowing the area to dry.
  • NO IRONING NEEDED: There’s no need to worry about setting aside time to iron your clothes before heading out the door. Florence’s wrinkle spray will have you looking clean and put together in no time. Her no-iron spray is also ideal to use on curtains and hard to reach upholstery items
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL & THE OFFICE: Not only does Florence’s all-natural wrinkle release spray come in handy in your everyday life but is also the perfect travel companion or to keep on hand at your office.
  • POWERFUL CEDAR OIL: While growing almost all over the world, cedars have flourished in the Mediterranean for thousands of years. The oil extracted from the wood has many practical uses including keeping insects away as well as antifungal and antiseptic properties. Florence’s wrinkle spray will make it smell like you’re walking through a deep wood in the French Riviera.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use only on water safe fabrics. Simply hold 6 inches above area to be misted and spray on wrinkled area. Allow to dry and repeat as necessary.


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