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Zodiac - Robotic Pool Cleaner for In Ground Swimming Pools

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Go on, jump right in. Your pool’s all clear thanks to the Aqua Products Sol Robotic Pool Cleaner. Running a full cleaning cycle in just 2.5 hours, this pool vacuum boasts powerful vacuum technology, capturing dirt and debris without losing suction. Perfect for in-ground pools less than 36 feet, you'll be able to have a sparkling pool without the back-breaking work. Simply use the Plug n' Play 1-button operation to start your pool sweeper. While you sit and sip on lemonade, the small but mighty swimming pool cleaner does all the dirty work. Leaves? What leaves? Sol leaves no leaves behind, catching debris in the EZ-Clean basket. Dirt? Don’t worry, if you’ve got this pool vacuum cruising around your pool, dirt doesn’t stand a chance. And fear not, the robotic vacuum cleans more than what's on your pool floor. Designed to scrub away grime found on the pool floor, walls, and waterline, this robot vacuum cleaner's scrub brush busts through grime so you can kiss scum goodbye. With this Sol Pool Cleaner by Aqua Products, you don’t need to think about cleaning, you just need to decide whether to dive in or cannonball! It’s not just clean, it’s Sol clean.

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