Vintage Comedy & Music Classics, Vol. 2 [DVD]

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A story about wild youth is framed in this early musical from Poverty Row company Rayart that includes such songs as "I Want You to Know I Love You", performed by Ellalee Ruby and Tommy Christian and his band; "Somebody's Sweetheart -- Not Mine," "Gypsy Love," and the title tune. Christian plays Tommy, who reluctantly agrees to lead his band at a dance in a speakeasy where Lulu (Lucy Ames) may catch the attention of a Broadway producer. The club, however, is raided by the police and Tommy not only loses girlfriend Betty (Ruby) but finds himself expelled from college. Taking his band to Broadway, Tommy lands a spot in a high-class revue and is soon joined by a repentant Betty. The youngsters sneak away to get married while Jack Clark performs a furious tap dance. Produced in the low-budget Raytone sound system in Fort Lee, New Jersey, this amateurish musical boasted of "several well-known stars from the legitimate stage" but was a barely released embarrassment that didn't further the careers of anyone involved. Director Charles J. Hunt also supplied the screenplay.~Hans J. Wollstein

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