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Viking Security Safe Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe

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Protect your valuables and belongings with the biometric fingerprint LCD keypad safe. Fast, secure and reliable safe makes keys the thing of the past. The safe offers top of the line locking system upgraded 500 DPI optical fingerprint reader, numeric digital keypad and LCD display. Store up to 32 unique fingerprints and 1 PIN code into the non-volatile memory. The advanced optical sensor will only recognize the registered fingerprints, and the PIN code / key acts as a backup in case the safe needs to be accessed by someone whose fingerprints have not been programmed into the safe. This safe is made of steel, its laser cut, pry-resistant, seamlessly welded with military scratch resistant finish. The locking deadbolts are motorized and reinforced by two anti-pry insertion slots for added security. It has all carpeted interior and integrated LED light for additional convenience. The by Viking security is the perfect storage solution for jewelry, small firearms, important documents, small electronics, and other valuables. Its size gives you extreme flexibility to mount it almost anywhere. The comes complete with two back-up keys, 4 anchor bolts, 1 user manual, 4 AA batteries, 2 AA batteries for LED light and one Allen wrench.What's Included?BoltsBatteriesLockKey(s)FeaturesMade of steel, pry-resistant; black scratch resistant military coating, all carpeted interiorLED light, All carpeted interiorUpgraded 500 DPI optical sensor, biometric fingerprint reader and digital LCD keypad PIN code programmable 4-8 digits, battery status and operations displayed, motorized deadbolt locking mechanismStores up to 32 fingerprints and 1 PIN code; Non-volatile memory information is retained if batteries are removedPry-resistant, laser cut, seamlessly welded, 20 mm solid steel locking bars enter 2 insertion slots in the frame of the safe, Sound On/Off , warning beep if door left unlocked for more than 1 min

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