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Stainless Steel Over Sink Adjustable Dish Rack

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"All-IN-ONE KITCHEN SPACE SAVER! Use a dish drying rack over the sink or on the counter, save tons of space and time by making it easier to organize utensils and supplies, and water will drip into the sink directly, making your kitchen cleaner and tidy. Comes with step-by-step assembly instructions, is easy to assemble, and all accessories are carefully packed. Great for home use dish drainer or different gift ideas such as Housewarming, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday gifts SIZE ADJUSTABLE UPGRADED VERSION! Shelf size: 34-44.5""L x 12.5""W x 33""H, length is adjustable between 34""-44.5"" according to your needs, fits for 99% different sinks. The height of the faucet should be ≤ 17. 5 inches, and the height between the cabinet bottom to the countertop should be ≥ 40 inches. Please DO carefully measure 3 numerical values: The width of your kitchen sink, the height of the faucet, and the height between the cabinet bottom to the countertop before buying NEAT KITCHEN, HAPPY COOKING! Enjoy your cooking every day with this kitchen organizer which can store various sizes of utensils, including 1 dish rack, 2 bowl racks, 1 knife holder, 2 small fruit & vegetable baskets, 1 big fruit & vegetable basket, 1 chopping board rack /pot cover holder, 1 square basket/detergent holder, 2 cutlery holder/chopsticks cage, 1 cup/glass holder and 8 hooks. All these parts could be removable and reset thus you could DIY your dish drainers for kitchen counter FUNCTIONAL yet THOUGHTFUL DESIGN! Each over sink dish drying rack comes with a thoughtful assemble accessories pack, including 1 or 2 extra screws as a backup. Each side of the horizontal supports is designed with one additional hole so that it will be easier for you to align them when assembling them to the vertical supports. You just need to use one screw to fasten it into any one of the two holes on each side. Easy to assemble but fun to use QUALITY SERVICE! Made with advanced 304 stainless steel, ensure long-lasting durability, easy to clean, and no rusting. Bearing more than 60 pounds, stable and not leaning forward. The anti-slip suction cup at the bottom for reinforcement stability."What's Included?Cutlery Holder Included

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