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Stainless Steel Dog Bathtub and Grooming Tub

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This large stainless steel pet tub makes short work of keeping fido (or all your Fidos) clean and happy. Suitable for professional pet salons, spas, or veterinary work, this bathing station works for all good boys and girls big and small. Both faucet and shower head hook into your water supply to permit washing with hot, warm, or cold water. The built-in rack can hold your shampoo and leashes. The elevated floor reduces strain on your back while its gentle angle keeps your doggy comfortable by quickly guiding water to the sink drain. The drain includes a trap to keep stray hair from clogging pipes while the S-bend trap beneath keeps unpleasant smells down in the plumbing where they belong. This booster bath’s walk upstairs includes texture and anti-slip pads for your pet’s convenience and can be moved out of the way for yours. In short, it’s equipped with everything either of you could ask for.What's Included?4 Leg(s)Arm(s)LeashClampFeaturesAttachable hose with high-pressure spraying shower headOverhead grooming arm, drain kit with hair trap, and shampoo rackBack-splash and 2 side-splashes prevent water from escapingGeneric Tag Height Adjustment: 1015 millimeters to 1050 millimeters

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