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Screen With Stand 100 Inch - Indoor And Outdoor Projection

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Our projector screen with stand is easy to install and portable for indoor outdoor activity. You can move the theater anytime you want. Even travel, projector screen can be placed on car trunk.FeaturesProjector screen with stand and premium wrinkle-free matte PVC on tripod gives you a proper view of movies and gaming or PowerPoint presentations in the best quality which you ever could get.Indoor Outdoor projection movie screen is secured by convenient tight-straps, it could be carried to backyard or auditorium in a perfectly fitted projector screen bag, its retractable and adjustable design can be easily assembled in 3 steps.Perfect 16:9 HD projection screen gives impeccable viewing experience due to wide angle with 1.1 gain reflection and versatile height adjustment.Lightweight projector screen is assembled by stable tripod support stand with wide legs which brings the reliability and safety for your comfort experience.Viewing capacity enables usage in any places: home, school, office, church, classroom, backyard; on any venues: presentations, conferences, weddings, parties; for any entertainments: sport events, movies, TV shows, video games, youtube.Projector screen with Stand along with premium wrinkle-free matte PVC will bring your indoor or outdoor watching experience to the next level. Movies, TV shows, Office or other venue meetings due to 1.1 gain reflection and 160° wide angle will be displayed precisely and at the most consummate image, you could ever wish.Our lightweight portable projection screen with stand, along with the impeccable resolution on an immaculate inch diagonal for the projector enables you anywhere deployment. Also, our video projector screen is convened with easy-to-use Tight-straps allowing us to keep the screen and tripod tight and neat. Further, ideally fitted carry bag keeps the screen safe, unscratched and clean for decades, helping to timelessly enjoy parties at the backyard, PowerPoint presentations at Office or playing favorite video games.

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