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Roomtec Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

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HOW BIOMETRIC GUN SAFES WORKThe dictionary describes biometry as “the statistical analysis of biological data.” Or, in other words, biometrics are measurements of your body. This has applications in security devices because many of your biometrics — typically eyes, palms and fingerprints — are unique to you.In a biometric gun safe, you first input your unique biometric data via a fingerprint scanner, which records the detail at high resolution — hundreds of dots per inch. Your information is then stored on a computer chip. The next time you put your finger on the scanner, the device recognizes you and grants access. Alternatively, if the person is not recognized, they will be denied.This is particularly valuable in preventing home firearms accidents. It has been estimated that more than 1.5 million handguns in U.S. households are loaded and unsecured. Anybody can get to them — a child, a person with mental health problems, a burglar. These weapons present opportunities for horrifying accidents at home or for deadly consequences if that firearm gets on the streets.What's Included?ShelvesLockMounting HardwareKey(s)Features【Large and deep rifle safe】The capacity of the gun cabinet is 6 guns. The barrel rack space is convenient to manage guns. Independent pistol lock box can store pistols, ammunition and valuables.【3 Ways to enter】The rifle safe has biometric fingerprint, 4-digit keypad, key to unlock, fast open in just 1 second. 5 times wrong password will sound an alarm.And the silent mode is optional.【Extremely tough materials】Gun safes for home rifles and pistols are made of reinforced carbon steel construction, weighing 117 pounds, five 20mm solid steel locking bolts and tamper-proof inner edges, strong and durable internal hinges, anti-pry bars, prevent theft, and protect guns from children.【User-friendly design】The gun cabinet is meticulously designed. LED lights automatically illuminate while opening the door. The back and bottom have mounting holes, only two screws needed to mount to get one side to maintain stability and security , while providing blankets to protect guns from being scratched.[Error System Lock]: If the fingerprint or PIN password is wrong 5 times, the system will be locked for 1 minute.

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