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Rayman Legends - PlayStation 4

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Get ready for a thrilling adventure with your favorite characters, Rayman, Murfy and Globox. That little 100-year nap they took allowed hoards of creepy, crawly, nightmarish creatures to take over the Glade of Dreams. It's up to you to defeat these evil villains, dragons, giant toads, sea monsters, luchadores and more and save the Teensies from an awful fate. These monsters are the stuff of legends — do you have what it takes to be the hero who defeats them? In your quest to liberate the Glade of Dreams from the multiplying nightmares that have taken over the land, you'll experience adrenaline-pumping adventures, heart-pounding battles and skill-sharpening challenges. You must jump, run, punch and swing through every obstacle, while contending with the bosses as the adventure deepens. When the gang discovers a mysterious tent filled with paintings in the midst of an enchanted forest, you must ask yourself if you are brave enough to investigate. If so, you'll soon discover that the paintings are in actuality an entrance to a mythical world in which you must work to uncover the secrets of each legendary scene. Experience the thrilling adventure, which is set to music, as you zip-line during a guitar sustain, jump to the drum and punch along with the bass line. Call up your friends, it's time to take the action into online or offline co-op gameplay that lets up to three of your buddies jump in and out of the action without interrupting gameplay. Engage in 3D battles against bosses that can — and will — attack from all angles. Once you're ready to take a break from the action, check out the leaderboards to see how you rank. You won't want to take a break for long though, since this engaging, action-packed game is sure to suck you back into the addicting, mystical world of Rayman Legends.

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