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Pet Lifting Electric Grooming Table

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Whether you are a professional groomer or an occasional one, grooming your dog right at your home, a dog grooming table is a must-have equipment. Starting from basic activities like hair cutting or nail trimming to serious grooming tasks, pet grooming tables are indispensable. Your task becomes much easier, more convenient, and obviously, faster. Additionally, your dog remains steady and safe so you can clear your worries.Not Included:Arm(s)FeaturesSuper stable and prevents the tabletop from wobbling. Two buttons provide you with easy, smooth height adjustment for convenience and flexibility. It goes down to 28" for dogs jumping on it, also goes up to 44" for groomers of different heights.Our pet grooming table was crafted with a heavy-duty steel frame, OSB board, and PVC surface, the tabletop has a good grip on the surface so that the dog does not slip or injure himself.Also, the table base is sturdy and strong enough to hold the weight of the dog. The noose and arm are not flimsy, can sustain well if your dog likes to pull or move a lot when you are grooming him.Adjustable Grooming Arm and Noose: Grooming arm height can be easily adjusted by the clamp to meet your needs; an H-style arm is safer than an L-tyle one to hold your furry friends.The noose attached to the arm keeps pets safe, secure in the place while you bathe, dry, brush, clip, and trim them.

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