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Outdoor Garden Fountain with Contemporary Design

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Are you still looking for an outdoor fountain. This outdoor fountain is sure to meet your needs, both decorative and functional in your garden. Made of resin, realistic rock shapes bring a touch of natural beauty to your space. This outdoor fountain ensures its long-lasting durability while having the charm of a rock garden fountain. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the the waterfall feature creates as water flows and cascades down. If you like the construction, don't hesitate any longer and buy it.Note: This is not a real rock fountain, it is made of resin.,LED light on each floor except the top. with the lights on at night, it makes a great addition to your garden and yard,Realistic grey stone rock tower with moss brings a touch of natural beauty to your space,Adjust the water flow speed to your liking, the soothing sound of running water will bring stress relief and relaxation to your environment,Waterfall fountain is a plug-in water fountain with simple and safe assemble

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