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"Outdoor Christmas Doormat Kit" - 2 Coco Coir Doormats & 1 Herringbone Boot Scraper

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If you have been looking for new fun and bright outdoor Christmas decorations, then consider getting this Christmas doormat kit. It comes with two Christmas doormats and a boot scraper doormat. These are coco coir doormat products that have been made using natural eco-friendly coconut fiber material. One of them features the big three characters of Christmas: Santa, snowman, and a penguin, while the other is a beautiful profile of a reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh on a backdrop of red. Use these Christmas door mats in outdoor locations as the coco fibers in these mats will hold up to rain, snow, or UV exposure with ease. UV rays from the sun and moisture from rain/snow will have a hard time trying to damage the coco coir fibers of these mats. Moisture resistance in these Christmas Doormats will prevent unwanted microbial byproducts like mold to form on top. The fibers of each coco coir doormat are rough and tough, making them ideal for thorough shoe scraping. The coir fibers on these decorative accessories flush out unwanted dirt, mud, and debris from the bottom of your shoes before they can be tracked indoors. These mats can be cleaned via a simple shake, brush, or wash. You will be glad to know that you can get these Christmas door decorations at 40% off MSRP, and this includes the shipping cost! Make sure your home decor is ready for Christmas today!,Includes "A Gift! Merry Christmas Doormat" and "Contemporary Holiday Door Mat", sized 18" x 30",Bundle also includes 2.5" x 12" x 13" "Herringbone boot scraper" doormat,Coco coir doormat products are great for tracking dirt and debris,Christmas doormats are the ideal outdoor holiday decorations for the holidays

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