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Omega Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer

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Omega Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer
  • INDUSTRY LEADING 15-YEAR Coverage on parts and performance
  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY - Cold press juicing is one of the most effective ways to easily access nutritious enzymes and antioxidants that boost immunity and enhance overall health.
  • HIGH YIELD: Dual-edge auger with tighter fit tolerance strains more juice and breaks down fiber to a palatable level for a smoother, nutrient dense juice.
  • FEATURES - The no drip juice tap at the end of the juice spout can be closed during the juicing process to create a mixing function. Simply open to the release the tap so the juice can flow into the juice cup. The juice tap can be closed when you are done juicing and ready to remove your juice cup so that no mess is left behind.
  • DESIGN - The vertical design is compact, contemporary, and productive. In the Omega VSJ843QS, form and function combine to give you the highest degree of extraction and the healthiest possible juice.

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