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Mopster Bucketless Mopping System

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The Mopster Bucketless mopping system eliminates the need to carry around a mop bucket or wring out a soggy mop pad. Ideal for cleaning areas where conventional buckets and wringers are impractical, this heavy-duty floor cleaner works in any application from house cleaning and maintaining gymnasiums to cleaning hospitals. Complete system includes 18 in. hook-and-loop frame, 32 oz. dispensing bottle, 54 in. handle and 3 microfiber floor-cleaning pads. Hook-and-loop frame is molded and not attached with glue or rivets so no worries about the strips falling off. Removable dispensing bottle features a wide opening for easy filling and cleanout. Translucent, graduated dispensing bottle identifies fill level in both ounces and milliliters. Durable, ultra-light construction reduces user fatigue. Ergonomic, end-of-handle thermoplastic handle cap rotates 360° for smooth operation, reducing user fatigue and providing a smooth, figure-eight application.,Cleans non-conventional areas,Heavy-duty floor cleaner for all applications: home, gym and hospital,Works where buckets/ringers are impractical,Durable, ultra-light construction reduces user fatigue

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