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Minecraft Starter Collection - Xbox One

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Minecraft Starter Collection - Xbox One
  • Product 1: This collection includes: The Minecraft base game, 700 Minecoins and the Starter Pack DLC, an amazing selection of Mash-ups, Texture Packs, Skin Packs and other fun content to discover.
  • Product 1: Create your very own world and build to the limits of your imagination.
  • Product 1: Explore mighty mountains and living oceans of infinite worlds, amazing community-made maps, servers, thrilling minigames and more!
  • Product 1: Survive online with friends who are on console, mobile, and Windows 10, or share the adventure at home in split-screen multiplayer.
  • Product 2: Drive a MONSTER! Compete with 25 of the most popular trucks including Grave Digger and Max-D!
  • Product 2: Total destruction including breaking body panels, deforming junker cars as well as demolishing the environment!
  • Product 2: Perform your favorite stunts! Bicycles, Stoppies, Moonwalks, Walk Its, Cyclones, Pogos, Power Outs and Back-Flips!
  • Product 2: Hear the roar of huge crowds inside 12 stadiums packed with fans on your road to the Monster Jam World Finals!

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