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Meural Canvas II 21.5" Smart Digital Frame for Photography, Art & NFT - Light Wood

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The Meural Canvas II brings an expansive library of the world's most inspiring artworks to your wall. Now you can display paintings and photos from renowned and up-and-coming artists next to your own photography on our elegantly designed digital canvas. Every work of art looks as real and textured as it would on a traditional canvas or print thanks to our patented TrueArt Technology-and you can easily customize and cycle through playlists of art with intuitive hand gesture controls, online, on our app, or by asking your compatible smart assistant to find something new.,Show off what you love in lifelike detail, bring an ever-changing library of 30,000+ works to your wall-and your own photography-all in 1 frame,Meural evolves and transforms the world of art into a lifelike digital experience that will enrich your home, enlighten your interests, and inspire your guests,Unlock a world of art and display what's distinctly you, curate and present unique artwork by style, season, time of day, or even your mood,Showcase all of your best shots without being discouraged by the price of printing and framing,Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs

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