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Medium Bristle Deck Brush + 6 ft. to 24 ft. Extension Pole 11 in. Scrub Brush with Telescopic Pole

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The DocaPole Medium-Bristle Deck Brush Kit with 24 ft. Extension Pole is a versatile long-reach cleaning brush solution. It includes a 6 to 24 ft. extension pole and a medium-stiffness synthetic brush for surfaces that require more rigorous scrubbing than soft bristles but not as much as a hard bristles. A rubber bumper encircles the brush protecting your cleaning surface. The medium brush plus pole provide up to 30 ft. of reach when used while standing, ensuring no surface goes uncleaned. Solid metal tip plus 180° hinge tip accessory Rubber handle grips Easy-use thumb lever clasps Standard threaded tip for easy use with other threaded attachments Nail hook for easy hanging and storage Dry use and wet use -Medium Bristle Deck Brush for Versatile Cleaning- Medium Stiffness Synthetic Bristle provides a universal, do-it-all brush for maximum versatility, efficiency, and effectiveness Rubber Protective Bumper encircles the brush head protecting exterior paint on siding, decks, patios, and other surfaces where the brush may be used Dry Use for sweeping dust and dirt Wet Use for scrubbing Cleanse boat hulls and decks Shine floor tile and grout Wash decks, patios, and garage floors Clean driveways and sidewalks 6 to 24 ft. of extension providing up to 30 ft. of reach with the brush attached Scrub Anything, Anywhere Stay off the ladder. Stay on the ground. Stay safe. Get the job done with DocaPole.,24 ft. long-reach medium bristle brush offering up to 30 ft. of reach, the 24 ft. DocaPole plus medium bristle cleaning brush is ideal for house siding, decks, garage floors, gutter guards, brick, concrete and much more,Do it all outdoor brush plus rubber bumper protection the DocaPole medium bristle brush is the most universal, do-it-all brush we produce perfect for nearly every brush job with the exception of those requiring the most soft or most rigid of bristle,Dry-use and wet use: use the DocaPole brush with soap and water to wash aluminum, composite or wood siding, scrub your deck, or scrub your patio, garage, or floor tile - alternatively, keep the brush dry to use it as a broom to sweep up dirt and dust,24 ft. multi-use DocoPole pole the 6 to 24 ft. high-quality, light-weight aluminum extension pole is a premium telescopic pole featuring a universal solid metal tip plus a screw-on hinge tip; compatible with a wide variety of attachments,

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