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LET'S RESIN Crystal Clear Resin

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LET'S RESIN Crystal Clear Resin
  • Bubble Free Casting Resin: Our casting resin kit formulation contains anti foaming agents, which are used to prevent air bubbles or destruct the bubbles that have already formed. The bubbles will automatically disappear within an hour, creating finished products as clear as glass. It’s perfect for flower preservation. Compared with other epoxy resin, you don’t need to spend a lot of time remove bubble, saving your time.
  • Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin 2 Gallon Kit: This 2 gallon epoxy resin cures to a crystal clear finish, superior high gloss compared to other epoxy countertop kit and hard as a rock. The UV stabilizer formula is very effective in preventing gloss loss, delamination, cracking, and anti-yellowing. This craft resin can be mixed perfectly with any pigments and give the finished product a long-lasting, ultra-clear appearance without yellowing.
  • Safe and easy to use: Our resin and hardener are made of safe, and high quality materials. The self-leveling resin epoxy mixed in a 1:1 volume ratio, cured in 24 hours, is easy to operate and requires no experience, even if you are new to epoxy resin. Professional epoxy resin kit can be mixed perfectly with any pigments and give the finished product a long-lasting, ultra-clear appearance without yellowing.
  • Low Odor Resin Art Kit: With low volatility, our clear epoxy resin is virtually odorless. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated space to get a more comfortable experience. Our casting and coasting resin are suitable for a variety of DIY craft projects such as making jewelry, coasters, turners, table tops, countertop, painting, deep pour,etc. And it fits perfectly with silicone molds, not causing molds tearing.
  • Why choose us: Our casting resin has a 1-year shelf life. To avoid the biggest problem of resin kit, which is not curing, please read the manual carefully and then test in a small amount before operation. In case it gets damaged during the transportation, such as leakage or partial loss, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we will provide a replacement or money-back guarantee.

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