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Kung Fu Rider - PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

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It's a high-speed getaway — and you're the one on the run. You may be the detective, but the mob is after you, and you have no time to hesitate, no time to think — and no time to get off of your chair. The chase is on, and your getaway vehicle is your trusty chair. As you catapult through the twisted, untamed streets of a mayhem-filled megalopolis, crowds clog your way, rogue pedestrians pick fights and the mob follows close at your backrest. You are low on options, but you feel a wave of strength and power overcome you as you roundhouse kick, karate chop and combo attack obstacles out of your way. You're fighting for your life now — can you Kung Fu your way to safety? The heart-pumping, frantic thrill of the chase is real when you control all of the wheeling and fighting action from your PlayStation Move in Kung Fu Rider. Whip the PlayStation Move around, unleash an arsenal of martial arts attacks and try to stay in control during the dizzying ride as you transport yourself into the crazy world of a detective on the run. Whether you face the mob alone or pair up with a Kung Fu-fighting friend, get ready to move with all of your might — just because you're in a chair doesn't mean you can relax.

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