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"Kitchen Mat" Anti-Slip Red 36 in. x 60 in. Rubber Grease Proof Kitchen Mat Commercial Floor Mat (Pack of 2)

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Commercial kitchen floors can potentially be a dangerous place a restaurant. Rubber-Cal's "Kitchen Mat" Anti-Slip grease-proof chef mats are designed specifically to make any slippery commercial kitchen floors safer for busy kitchen staff. This rubber mat is made from 100% Nitrile Rubber and is the perfect grease and chemical resistant mat for the job. Place one of these heavy-duty drainage mats in a commercial kitchen or restaurant bar to protect the sub-floor surface from grease and moisture. But our grease-proof safety floor mats also offer amazing safety features at an affordable price. In kitchens, you will regularly find greases, oils, and moisture on slippery kitchen floors; it's the nature of the business. Invest in these kitchen drainage mats to lessen the risk of slips and falls. With its unique surface texture and large drainage holes, this rubber mat provides excellent traction surface in wet areas by allowing liquids to pass through the surface of the mat. Combined with rubber's high natural coefficient of friction, the surface texture will grip the bottoms of shoes and keep your staff up and running during peak hours. The beveled edges of this rubber mat also reduce additional tripping hazards. Our grease-proof chef mats are easy to clean and dishwasher safe, and as a result they last longer than other similar safety floor mats. Invest in the safety of your staff and the continued success of your restaurant with quality safety floor mats from Rubber-Cal.,Durable safety floor mats protect kitchen floors and employees alike,Easy to clean grease-proof chef mats; they are lightweight, easy to handle, and dishwasher safe,Made from 100% nitrile rubber material, which is resistant to both grease and some common chemicals,Beveled edges, surface textures, and large drainage holes make these rubber drainage mats ideal for very wet areas,Ideal kitchen mat product for busy commercial kitchens with slippery floors

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