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Kalorik - MAXX “Boast Your Roast” 2-Piece Rotisserie Set - Stainless Steel

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Designed to perfectly fit in your MAXX Air Fryer Oven, this rotisserie kit takes your roasting possibilities to new levels! The Kalorik MAXX “Boast Your Roast” 2-Piece Rotisserie Set includes a rotating rotisserie basket and skewer set, optimized for use with the MAXX’s Rotisserie function. Roast meat, veggies, coffee beans, nuts, and popcorn, or make authentic, juicy kebabs. Cook chicken, pork, and turkey to mouthwatering perfection. The skewer set slowly rotates, roasting meat in its own juices for maximum flavor and extra-tender results. Meanwhile, the rotating rotisserie basket maximizes the flow of hot air around your food to produce a crispy, golden finish every time. The rotating rotisserie basket is also great for smaller food items like french fries, coffee beans, popcorn, chicken wings, shrimp, veggies, and more.

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"KIA 47735"
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