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Insignia™ - 4K Front and Rear Dashboard Camera System - Black

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If you’ve ever suffered a car accident, you know how important it can be to have a witness back you up. Now you can have one wherever you drive with the NS-DASH150 4K Front and Rear Dashboard Camera System. This handy two-camera system records in front of and behind your vehicle with wide angle lenses that minimize blind spots. 4K Ultra High-Definition video playback provides crystal-clear imagery—even when recording at night. Special G-sensor technology detects collisions and automatically saves and locks the recording, protecting the video for later reference. A loop recording feature overwrites old (unsaved) footage to conserve memory card space. These cameras have a temperature-resistant build that, along with secure adhesive and suction mounts, make for a durable and long-lasting design. Finally, this system plugs into your standard 12 V vehicle accessory port, requiring no additional power to operate. Whether you’re protecting yourself from future accidents or just wanting to record a nice Sunday drive, this front and rear dashboard camera system will have your back on the road ahead.

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