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High Reach Brush Kit w/7 ft. to 30 ft. Extension Pole- Includes Soft Bristle Medium Bristle & Hard Bristle Scrub Brushes

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The DocaPole Ultimate Three Brush Kit with 30 ft. Extension Pole is the perfect high and long-reach cleaning solution. It has 3 different brush heads (Ultra Soft-Bristle Brush plus Medium-Bristle Brush plus Hard-Bristle Brush ) to cover every cleaning need you may encounter. With 36 ft. of reach, no surface will go uncleaned. -DocaPole Ultra Soft-Bristle Scrub Brush- 5-sided angled design to remove dirt, muck, and grime while protecting the cleaning surface Ultra soft flocked bristles protect cleaning surfaces and prevent scratching 5-sided design allows you to access corners and reach into the deeper contours of uneven surfaces Multi-angled surface design optimizes brush efficiency and effectiveness -DocaPole Medium Brush- Jack-of-all-trades solution for a variety of cleaning, sweeping, and scrubbing jobs. Medium-Bristles for a variety of cleaning jobs Dry Use for sweeping dust and dirt Wet Use for scrubbing tough jobs -DocaPole Hard Brush- Makes quick work of dirt, grime and stains and it's perfect for cleaning tough house siding, scrubbing the deck, removing garage stains, washing the patio, or cleaning brick and concrete Heavy-Duty Hard-Bristles for the toughest scrubbing jobs Bi-level, multi-angle surface design maximizes surface area contact during cleaning optimizing brush efficiency and effectiveness Rubber Protective Bumper encircles the brush head protecting surfaces where the brush may be used Use dry for sweeping or wet for scrubbing.,Ultimate 30 ft. extension pole brush kit - offering up to 36 ft. of reach when used while standing, the DocaPole 30 ft. brush cleaning kit meets all your high-reach brush cleaning needs from washing cars and RVs to scrubbing the deck and sweeping the garage,DocaPole soft bristle car wash brush -The 5-sided, angled-face DocaPole soft bristle brush measures at 10 in. x 6 in. and is covered in no-scratch, flocked, soft bristles, the brush is optimally designed to fit into corners, contours and uneven surfaces,DocaPole medium bristle cleaning brush - the DocaPole medium bristle brush is the ideal all-around wet/dry use cleaning brush, perfect for cleaning house siding, washing the deck, sweeping off the patio, or cleaning dirt off exterior brick walls,DocaPole hard bristle brush - this bi-level brush is intended for your toughest scrubbing jobs on hard robust surfaces, the brush's tough, synthetic, dual-angle bristles make quick work of dirt, grime, and stains,30 ft. multi-use DocaPole extension pole - the 7 ft. to 30 ft. high-quality aluminum extension pole features a universally threaded solid metal tip plus a screw-on hinge tip, works with a wide variety of attachments to accomplish all your hard-to-reach tasks,

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