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hearing amplifier

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hearing amplifier
  • [SOUND AMPLIFIER PROTECTION] - Coming with a silicone lanyard with two eye loops. The stretchy eye loop could catch hearing aid tightly, it will not slip on and slip off. Easy to clean and use as well, you don’t have to wait for them to dry if you wash it.
  • [ STRONG, DURABLE] - The plastic clip locks shut onto your shirt, top at the back of the neck. It won't damage your shirt, and easy to open and lock close for kids, adults and seniors.
  • [STRETCHY SILICONE LOOPS AND BELT] - The stretchy silicone loop can fit all size of BTE and RIC Sound Amplifier. Keeping the Sound Amplifier attached to the cord in the event that the Sound Amplifier falls off or get lost. The belt can be stretch to more than 600mm, allowing people to enjoy activities without losing their hearing aids.
  • [APPLICATION] - It provides worry free protection for wearers at work, on the beach, during gardening, while playing sports, traveling and anything else you might be doing.

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