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Fraser-Balsam 7 Green Fir Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

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Freshly cut and harvested from our family farm in Ham-Nord (Quebec) and delivered on time right to your doorstep. Hand sheared and handpicked to ensure we send the best trees to all of our customers. Balsam Fir’s are known for their strong fragrance, firm branches, and long lasting needles. We guarantee your tree will be thriving on Christmas and look forward to becoming your new tradition!Not Included:Tree StandLightsFeaturesContains Balm Fir properties such as strong fragrance and firm branches. The hybrid gives the needles a blueish tint, more needles per branch, and it holds its needles better than the pure Balsam Fir.Hand picked to ensure our customers receive top quality, full, and beautiful Christmas Trees right to their doorstep.Hand sheared and freshly cut from our farm in Ham-Nord (Quebec).

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