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Floral Stained Glass Window Panel

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Oriental is a beautiful horizontal hanging rectangle, stained glass window panel featuring a mirrored image of pink lilies and a blue background. This panel is made up of over 190 pieces of hand-cut, stained art glass, expertly pieced and soldered together, to create each panel. Each style of stained glass panels is formed using the very same technique developed in the early 1900s, using hand-cut stained art glass, each wrapped in fine copper foil and soldered together at extremely high temperatures to form each unique panels. This panel would look great in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom windows. The exact size to the nearest inch may vary, and the exact color of each glass piece may vary due to each piece being handcrafted. The first image is with the light shining through, the second image is with no light. Dry listed and recommended for an indoor setting only. This panel comes with a 39.37" hanging chain.What's Included?Hanging ChainHooks/Brackets

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