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Ecosmart ECO

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Ecosmart ECO
  • Product 1: The product is highly durable
  • Product 1: The product is easy to use
  • Product 1: Manufactured in China
  • Product 1: Copper and stainless components
  • Product 2: HELPS PROTECT HOT WATER HEATERS: Polyphosphates, included in this product, help to inhibit scale build up in hot water heaters (both standard (gas or electric) and tank less styles) and boilers; Helps extend the life of hot water heaters and hot water using appliances, pipes, and downstream plumbing fixtures such as faucets and shower heads
  • Product 2: MAINTAINS EFFICIENCY: By inhibiting scale build up on heat elements, helps maintain water heater efficiency
  • Product 2: EASY TO REPLACE: Easy change out of the 3M Aqua-Pure AP431 Replacement Water Cartridge makes system maintenance easy
  • Product 2: HIGH FLOW RATES: 3/4 Inch NPT inlet/outlet connections for easy installation and high flow rates (rated for up to 10 GPM); System to be installed on cold water line feeding the water heater

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