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CONNECT Bluetooth Smart Door Lock

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Haven is a first-of-its-kind preventative home security platform. Our floor-anchored, electronic locking wedge fortifies the door at its strongest point the base. Made with steel, Delrin, and military grade nylon, the Haven system is 10X stronger than your deadbolt. When paired with the Haven Key Fob, using Haven as easy as unlocking your car. Just press unlock on the fob, and your home is open. Just press lock, and your home is now as secure as Fort Knox.,MILITARY GRADE MATERIALS: Designed with the strongest military grade steel, nylon and industrial strength polycarbonates. Heavy-duty construction ensures strength and durability,SMART PHONE APP CONTROL: Controlled via a smartphone app that allows you to send digital keys to visitors while you are away, monitor access, log entries and exits and more!,EASY TO USE: HAVEN Connect is designed and built to use with ease. The lock is engaged by hitting a pressure sensitive locking pedal and unlocked by pressing on top of the locking wedge,ULTRA-STRONG LOCKING WEDGE: Reinforces with the strength of your home's foundation. Industrial-strength poly-carbonate bends when someone tries to force open the door -- and flexes to use attackers' energy against them.,HAVEN Locks are invented & built in Tennessee by United States Special Operations Veterans. We are proud to employ veterans and have skilled Tennessee craftsmen build our products,Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs

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