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Combatflying Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Triangular Play Tent

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We have added a window to ensure more air circulation. Two pockets are used to store children's dolls, books, and other items. You can use the hook and loop to close the door and give your child enough security. Our children's tents can be placed indoors or outdoors. Summer is very suitable for shading. Children can enjoy privacy and personal space, while parents can see their children in tents at any time through the small window.FeaturesOur Indian children's tent is made of 100% cotton canvas. The wooden pole is made of natural New Zealand pine, which is smooth, firm, and safe, free of paint and chemicals. This tent has passed CPC certification, so you can use it with confidence.Parents can invite them to assemble with their children, exercise their hands-on installation ability, and promote parent-child emotion. By using our four-section poles, you will find that the conical tent is easier to assemble and carry, and at the same time makes the tent stronger. We provide you with reinforcements and wooden slip-proof sleeves to make the tent more stable in use.Children can play indoors or outdoors. They can decorate their room, play house games, and have a tent party. They also can put it on the garden grass, or take it to the beach.We strongly recommend that your children use water-based, oil-based, acrylic brushes or paints and stickers to personalize their tents, and at the same time improve their creativity and imagination. Our tent is suitable for children over 3 years old.

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