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"Coir Home Doormats" - 2 Shoe Scraper Mats - 18" x 30"

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Make sure you give your home a beautiful aesthetic with these rustic door mats! Included in this set is the "Red Daisy" doormat. Carefully painted in gorgeous colors, this initial doormat is perfect for any front entryway or patio. Also included is the "Deciduous Tree" home doormat. Perfect for fall or any other season, this mat is sure to add a desirable appeal to your home's doorway. These pretty door mats are included in this amazing bundle priced at 40% less than the retail amount, making sure you decorate your home at an affordable price. Their eco-friendly design matches their visual appeal. Both made of coir, a strong fiber extracted from coconut husks, these outside front door mats are mostly natural. Not only are these home doormats eco-conscious, but they are amazing at tracking dirt and debris, giving your home an extra layer of protection from those outside invaders. When bundled together in this mat, coir makes a strong bristle capable of giving your shoes an efficient scraping. Once outdoor particles fill these shoe scraper mats, they are easy to clean with a simple shake of the mat. Coir is not only good at tracking dirt but is incredibly durable due to its weather resistance, making these mats great wind & weather decor. These home mats offer superior moisture,and UV and ozone resistance that gives them an extra level of defense against the rays of the sun. These rustic door mats are sure to look great for a long time!,Includes two all-natural coir doormats stencil painted with a nature theme for your decor,Includes "Red Daisy" and "Deciduous Tree" shoe scraper mats both sized at 18" x 30",A PVC backing is behind the coir surfaces on both of these pretty door mats, making for a sturdy entry mat for your home,These home doormats are perfect for consumers who have a sense of style that combines modern taste with the rustic feel

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