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"Coir Double Wide Door Mats" - 2 Double Doormats - 24" x 57"

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Add a welcoming and beautiful aesthetic to your double doorway with this set of two double doormats. Included in this affordable set is the beautiful "Estate Style Welcome Doormat". This welcome mat will give your outdoor decor a warm and inviting atmosphere. Decorated with an elegant border surrounding the inscription "welcome", this double doormat is sure to warm and please hearts. Also included is the "St. Germaine Fleur de Lis" double wide door mat. The Fleur de Lis is a beautiful French symbol of a lily used by French monarchy and nobility for centuries, and is still popular today. Both front door floor mats are 24" x 57", meant to go in front of a double entryway. Including two double door mats put together for matching aesthetics, this set is perfect for both a main doorway and a patio entryway. These double doormats are not only great for their eye catching qualities, but for their dirt scraping capabilities. Made of coir, a thick and fibrous material extracted from the outer husks of coconut shells, the bristles on these welcome mats are incredibly effective at removing dirt from shoes. These welcome mats are also weather resistant, with the coir fibers able to withstand any conditions. These decorative accessories also have UV and ozone resistance, giving them that extra protection needed when the sun is shining bright on your estate. Each double wide door mat is meant to last and look great in front of your double doorways!,Includes 24" x 57" "Estate Style Welcome" doormat and "St. Germaine Fleur de Lis" doormats,Tough PVC backing supports front floor door mats with sturdy support,Each double doormat is made of coco coir, making this bundle eco-friendly,Both of these coco coir mats are made to last due to their durability and weather resistance

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