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"Coastal Decor Dooormat Kit" - 2 Beach Decor Doormats & 1 Shoe Scraper

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If you have been meaning to complete the coastal beach decor of your home, these pineapple door mats are the perfect beach accessories to finish the job! This unique package features two coco coir entryway rugs, the "Pineapple Welcome Mat" and the "Tropical Pineapple Doormat", along with the "Herringbone" boot scrapper. If you live on the beach, these products provide coastal decor for your beach house. Each pineapple door mat is designed with a beautiful pineapple theme that matches very well with other types of beach furniture such as beach themed bedding and patio chairs. The primary material for these door mats, coir, is the perfect material for use on doormats because it prevents outdoor debris from being tracked indoors. Footwear often has debris stuck onto them, especially in sandy beach areas. Coir is thick and rough, perfect for scraping away unwanted debris, dirt, and sand from incoming footwear before it comes inside. The included boot scrapper is 2.5" tall, allowing for extra dirt scraping ability for the sides of your shoes. Since these entrance mats are to be used as beach decor for coastal areas, these are perfect for outdoot use, quickly absorbing moisture and can stay out in the sun all-year round. Thanks to the coir fiber material on these mats, harmful byproducts like mold are less likely to form and ruin your beautiful home decor. These pineapple doormat beach accessories are available in a kit that is 40% off the MSRP, and this includes the shipping cost!,Size of two pineapple door mats: 18" x 30", Size of boot scrapper: 2.5" x 12" x 13",Coir fibers of the pineapple doormat and shoe scraper brush trap debris particles,The boot scrapper features a metal wire frame that helps give it a more solid structural frame,Both the pineapple door mats and the shoe scraper brush will match other beach furniture to complete your home's coastal decor

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