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Aussie Aquariums 2.0 Wall Mounted Aquarium - Vista - Brushed Black

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It's back and better than ever! Aussie Aquarium 2.0 is our newly redesigned wall mounted aquarium that is now constructed better than ever. Cutting edge design and high quality materials are what Aussie Aquariums were founded upon. Originally created in Australia, these wall mounted aquariums are a chic and hip addition to any home or office. They present the image and dimensions of a wall mounted television but contain an inner world of aquatic life. They are an amazing conversation piece and a great space-saving addition to any room.Our one-of-a-kind wall mounted aquariums are sure to please the senses. We take the beauty of an everyday aquarium and turn it into a work of art....literally. You can decorate your new aquarium with any ornaments, gravel, sea rocks or shells that you like as they are open at the top. Customize them to fit your surroundings.At only 4.5" deep, Aussie Aquariums create a spectacular world for a variety of marine life. All the basics of your dream aquarium are included. We include an innovative multi-function submersible water filter, custom fit lighting fixture, pre-cut custom lid, a variety of colorful marine backgrounds, mounting brackets with hardware and all the basics including a fish net, siphon cleaner and grabber tongs.The Vista Aussie Aquarium measures 47.25" x 17.5" x 4.5" and holds 8 gallons of water. Our 2.0 design is now made with a double panel aluminum fascia to resist water and includes a new energy saving LED light fixture. We simplified the mounting to make it even easier to set up in under an hour. Offered in a variety of finishes.FeaturesNEWLY REDESIGNED - Our 2.0 version has been completely re-constructed with better materials designed to last for years. Simple mounting brackets included to get you set up in under an hour.EASY TO MAINTAIN - Aussie Aquariums require very little maintenance compared to a traditional aquarium. Each aquarium is open at the top allowing you easy access to feed your fish and clean it.ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - Includes all the mounting brackets and hardware you need along with a submersible multi-stage aquarium filter with bio-media and charcoal filtration, siphon cleaner, grabber tongs, fish net, multiple marine background, custom fit lid and energy efficient LED light fixture.VARIETY OF DESIGNS - Aussie Aquariums are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. The fascia is constructed of durable double panel aluminum which comes with either a brushed or smooth finish.QUALITY - Aussie Aquariums have a long standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship. They are designed for both home use and commercial use.

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