Accell - Air USB-C 4K Driver-Less Docking Station - Silver

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The Accell Air USB-C 4K Driver-Less Dock is a sleek, pocket-sized dock ideal for expanding mobile devices. This easy-to-use docking station requires no driver or other software installation to share screens onto other displays. Perfect for work, school or personal use, the Accell Air USB-C Dock is a plug-and-play device with an intuitive interface. Simply plug it into any compatible device, select the corresponding operating system and you're ready to go. For added versatility, the dock features dual-display support with an optional driver that you can install from the user interface for extended viewing across multiple monitors. The driver is compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android OS and Chrome OS. Extending displays helps with multitask-heavy roles and can help increase productivity. For Android devices, users can download the "Accell Driver-Less" app from the Google Play store to allow screen sharing onto a big screen TV. The app lets you connect your Android device to an external monitor, keyboard, mouse and USB peripherals, turning it into a convenient small workstation. Compact for easy transport and setup anywhere, the Accell Air USB-C 4K Driver-Less Dock is great for everything from screen sharing in the office to presentations on the road to mobile gaming on a larger screen. It supports 4K Ultra HD for sharper, engaging pictures. Three USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type A ports offer a fast 10 Gbps data transfer rate�2x the speed of USB 3.0. Two HDMI ports ensure easy screen sharing and mirroring, and a USB-C port provides 87W of fast power delivery to charge the connected host device. Versatile, easy to use and portable, the Accell Air USB-C 4K Driver-Less Dock (model U240B-002K) delivers powerful performance in a small but mighty device.

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