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7 ft. to 30 ft. Extension Pole + Big Reach Soft Bristle Scrub Brush Car Wash Brush and Extension Pole

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The DocaPole Big Reach Brush with 30 ft. Extension Pole is the perfect long-reach solution for brushing, sweeping, and scrubbing. The 7 ft. to 30 ft. telescopic extension pole and brush provide up to 36 ft. of reach when used standing, making it the ideal way to reach high and long. No Scratch Soft Bristles prevent damage to surfaces such as car paint, house siding, or windows 6 in. agile design enables easy cleaning of tucked away corners and tight spaces Use collapsed for washing cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs, and trailers Use extended for eliminating cobwebs, scrubbing tall house siding, and clearing high windows Compatible with all standard threaded extension poles -DocaPole 30 ft. Telescopic Extension Pole- 7 ft. to 30 ft. of extension providing up to 36 ft. of reach when used standing Solid metal tip plus 180° hinge tip accessory Rubber handle grips Easy-use thumb lever clasps Standard threaded tip for easy use with other threaded attachments Compatible with all standard ACME threaded attachments Light-weight, high-quality aluminum -Use the DocaPole Big Reach Brush DRY- Tackle hard to reach house siding and tall windows Sweep decks and patios Works wonders for dirt Eliminates cobwebs Remove dust from solar panels -Use the DocaPole Big Reach Brush WET- Scrub vehicle hoods and windshields Wash tops of cars and trucks Clean sides of trailers, campers, and RVs Reach lower vehicle sides and hubcaps (clean without bending over or crouching.) Cleanse boat hulls and decks.,Do it all soft bristle scrub brush 30 ft. extension pole - the DocaPole deck scrub brush removes dust, dirt and grime from multi-surface areas, use this versatile brush as a broom, duster, deck scrubber, car wash brush, and more,No scratch soft bristles - textured soft bristles prevent the scrub brush from scratching cleaning surfaces, such as car paint, house siding or windows, the soft bristles also enable the DocaPole scrub brush to function as an excellent duster brush,Agile 6 in. design - the DocaPole deck brush's design enables it to easily clean corners and tight spaces, the brush is ideally sized to grip and use by hand, making it perfect for quickly dusting off patios and for washing cars, boats, trailers and more,30 ft. DocaPole telescopic pole - the 7 ft. to 30 ft. high-quality, light-weight aluminum extension pole is a high-quality, premium telescopic pole featuring a universal solid metal tip plus a rotating tip, making it compatible with a wide variety of attachments,

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