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69 Wood Multi-Layer Cat Tree

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Kittens are always lively and this cat tree can unleash their nature. This unique cat tree, with wood grain covering all planks, is perfect for a premium and stylish feel, and the natural color complements your home decor perfectly. With this practical cat climbing frame, your cat can get regular access to crawling and jumping skills. The post is wrapped with high-quality wear-resistant sisal rope, which is convenient for cats to sharpen their claws or climb. Plus, velcro-secured fluffy, warm pads on each platform create a comfortable environment for your cat. The spacious room has two cat holes to protect pets' privacy and provide them with a safe sleeping environment. Your kitty will love this stable and beautiful cat treehouse.Features6-Layer platform: In order to prevent the kitty from being injured due to the large height difference during the jump, we designed 6-layer platforms with relatively even intervals.Plush duvet cover and sisal rope posts: We have velcro on each platform to secure the soft plush fabric. Each post is tightly wound with high-quality sisal rope for your pet's daily climbing or claws.Simple and stylish cat tree: This unique wooden cat tree is a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor elements, which not only creates a natural atmosphere but is also very safe.Sturdy and stable construction: This cat tree structure is super strong with even weight distribution on all posts and platforms. The durable PVC material is not easy to wear and deform, ensuring a long service life for the cat tree.

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