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50 Galloon Lizard Terrarium

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Glass terrariums are the preferred choice for keeping reptiles, they are suitable for damp and humid conditions, are hygienic and easy to clean.Glass also maintains the correct heat gradient more safely and easily-maintaining the correct heat gradient is critical to a reptile’s and amphibian’s well-being as they use external heat sources in their environment to regulate their body temperatures.The REPTI ZOO newest reptile terrarium will be the perfect enclosure for your reptile or amphibian pets. We have made many unique designs for this reptile terrarium to make it easier and more convenient for you to raise reptile.Features【Easy Folding & Quick Install】:World unique patented foldable design, high-end and high-grade reptile terrariums,Easy quick set up in 3 minutes with collapsible 4-steps construction.【Comfortable Ventilation Environment】:Removable top mesh screen provides plenty of ventilation for proper air-flow and allows full specturm, UVB and IR light penetration.Exit slots available in the screen top for power cords or airline tubing.Front ventilation strips propmt air-flow and minimize humidity build-up in habitat.【One-hand Opening Door & Unique Blacked-out Back】: Detachable double front hinge doors with "one-hand opening" door locks allow easy access for maintenance and feeding,Give you plenty of decoration space for your terrarium;Unique blacked-out PVC back to reduce stress for the animals, it looks good even without any decoration.【Water-tight Base & Elevated Leg Design】: A water-tight base allows for a "water pool" inside the terrarium, avaliable for amphibian and aquatic;Elevated leg design on bottom of habitat provides space for heating pad and allows even heat dissipation【Detachable Sides & Easily Disassemble】:Detachable sides can be alternated with glass.Can be easily disassembled for transportation to save shipping and storage cost.

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