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46 Jed Mini Garden Handcrafted Perch Cat Tree

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We took our largest Condo, the Gardens, and created a mini version that is suitable for a smaller space. The Mini Garden includes two Planters* which are perfect for redirecting chewing behaviors toward a cat-safe plant instead of an unsafe option. This Condo allows your cat to tap into their wild side by climbing the tall Scratching Pole or weaving through the Escape Hatch to play around on the Hammocks. Our latest furniture collection has been meticulously engineered to be stronger and more versatile than ever! Instead of using pine for our wooden components, we now use bamboo. Bamboo is a highly sustainable material that is stronger than pine and allows for a sleek, modern design. Another improvement to the design includes a third mounting point that has been added to our Mounting Planks. Using an additional screw provides extra support and holds the furniture rock solid against the wall. Even the most playful kitties can feel safe and secure using our Condos! *Planters do not include plants - here are a few plant options that work well with this Condo: Spider Plant, Lemon Butter Fern, Cat Nip, Cat Grass, Variegated Wax Plant, Lilyturf, and Boston FernFeaturesDesigned to mount along 4 studs, spaced 16″ on-centerHidden brackets give the furniture a floating look

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