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43 Single Bathroom Vanity Top

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The crystal particles and the glossy surface makes granite shine during any light changes. With these elegant color patterns you can decorate your vanity area in any style and granite will make a great and lasting addition to your bathroom. With its rich colors it will transfer your bathroom to a new level. LessCare granite vanity top makes any bathroom look graceful. It is easy to decorate around in modern, classic, elegant, etc., styles. This stylish granite looks as an onyx night with sparkling stars from the crystalized stones. The LessCare granite is very easy to clean and it will serve you and your family during any life events. This granite brings charm to the vanity room. The gentle crystal particle shows a soft sparkle which brings a touch of luxury. The light tones of the granite gives you more options when decorating your vanity area. In addition, the natural granite has a timeless look to keep up with any life events. This light granite will look great with darker cabinetry to make the room lighter and roomier. LessCare granite has a smooth finish. With this light granite you can design your bathroom in any way that you prefer. The rich sandy look with smooth surface will keep your bathroom looking beautiful and classy. LessCare granite vanity top comes with pre-installed ceramic sink and back splash.What's Included?SinkBacksplash

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