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4 ft. Wiser Energy Smart Home Monitor Extension CT Cable in Gray

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Wiser Energy from Square D is an integral part of any smart home. It helps you keep tabs on your home by notifying you when devices are on or off and monitors home energy usage in real time, for a safer and more efficient home. There's living and there's living wisely. in our fast-moving, non-stop world its easy to lose sight of that. There are always things to manage, things to keep track of. Compatible with most single phase 120-Volt/240-Volt electrical panels up to 200 Amp. Welcome to a Wiser Energy home.,Wiser energy smart home monitors,Must be installed in conjunction with wiserem (purchased separately),Extra length cables for longer distances between electrical panel and monitor,4 ft. CT extension cable,Can be used for any CT including solar, generator support, subpanel support or dedicated circuits,Intended for simple installation by an electrician in your home electrical panel,Wiser energy monitor is powered by an existing 2-pole circuit breaker with lugs rated for 2 wires or with a dedicated 2-pole circuit breakers, please reference assembly instructions,Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs

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