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24 in. W x 36 in. H Rectangular Aluminum Framed Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Mirror in Black

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Aside from making spaces appear larger, wall mirrors offer a tactful, stylish way to hide imperfections, maximize light, and provide a second look at your favorite accents. This mirror can be mounted both vertically or horizontally, perfect for over the bathroom vanity. It's perfect for your modern bathroom needs.,Copper-free silver mirror, environmentally friendly, much less corrosion rate compared with normal silver mirrors used by most brands, hanging both horizontally and vertically,Solid aluminum black metal framed and 4 mm mirror to deliver clear reflection to strengthen the glass for safety, we use eco material to provide a perfect solid mirror to customer,Safe and easy to install: our authentic silver backed glass comes with safety polished edges for protection and a finished appearance, glass is securely mounted to metal framed, all mirrors come with reinforced mounting brackets as well as wall hardware and screws to hang both horizontally or vertically,Perfect bathroom mirror: this bath vanity mirror is the ideal size for a bathroom, the black metal frame adds elegance and class, the rounded corners lend a softness to the design, the polished mirror is presenting a beautiful reflection without any distortion of visual, prevents corrosion in humid environments, make it perfect for bathroom,Makes a small room look bigger: adding a large mirror instantly double the light and visual depth in a small room, making the space appear larger,Packaging and accessories: newly improved packaging protects both the mirror corners and both the front and backside of the mirror much better, it has passed all tests including dropping tests, impact tests, heavy pressure tests, etc. screw mount included,Warranty: super-slim mirror depth, only 1.4 in. easy and safe to install, 3-years warranty for vanity mirror

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