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2 Piece Patriotic Garage Door Mural Set

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Don't be fooled by the companies that are trying to copy the garage door decors of this manufacturer. The quality of artwork, materials, print, and ease of installation cannot be matched. Purchase the 1 and only Patriotic Garage Door Mural of this manufacturer.FeaturesFun colorful designsGarage Door Decor is manufactured to fit roll-up (sectional) garage doors, as well as canopy (flat) garage doors. Please measure your door to know what size door to order. You can find multiple sizes available on the site.We've developed a system that makes installation quick and easy. This system requires no tape or screws, which could potentially damage your garage door The components allow for the door to go up and down without hurting the integrity of the door. Our hardware consists of a hook attachment that goes over the top of the garage door and a tension hook at the bottom, which flexes as the door moves. The top hook attachment protects your mural from theft by keeping it securely held behind the frame of the garage door. The tension hook keeps the mural taut when the garage door is closed and protects it from wind damage by flexing with the mural.This product can be reused and stored for multiple seasons.High-quality durable materials for many years of enjoyment

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