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2.5 in. Assorted Succulents Plants (8-Pack)

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Succulents come in an endless variety of colors, shapes, and textures. Distinguished by thick, fleshy leaves or stems, or both, they're often described as geometric, architectural, and sculptural. A collection of succulents will add colorful and natural beauty to your home or office decor or outside in your garden or patio. Succulents' adaptation for storing water allows them to endure drought and they thrive with very minimal care compared to what most other houseplants require. This collection of live mini succulents was created with beginning plant parents and home and garden decorating in mind. Use them to create colorful dish gardens, for do-it-yourself craft activities, or to adorn upcycled pots, repurposed novelty planters, or table centerpieces. Or for any other crafty, gift-y, or decorative thing you can dream up. Part of what makes succulents so fun is that they grow in different ways and can respond differently to more or less light or water. 2 of the same variety might take on different looks from 1 another just from being in separate locations. Provide bright, indirect light to part sun. Water thoroughly when the soil is dry. Flower times vary. Hardy to Zones 9 or 10, protect from frost.,Hand-selected variety: you may receive succulents other than those shown, as plants are handpicked based on availability and season,Collection features 4 live succulent plants in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures,Great as houseplants without the effort: care is a cinch for these low-maintenance living beauties,Succulents come fully rooted in 2.5 in. pots, but plants will vary in dimension, as different types grow in different ways, such as taller, wider, shorter, trailing, offsetting,DIY patio and home decor: these little succulents add natural elegance through small containers, mixed planters, fairy gardens, centerpieces, wall mounts, terrariums, and more, as well as small-scale or narrow garden beds in mild climates,Pretty, perfect party favors for events such as baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and holiday parties,Unique, affordable gifts: succulents are versatile, easy-care, long-lasting gifts for everyone from children and best friends to parents and grandparents,How to Grow and Care for Indoor Succulents. Click here to learn more.

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