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18 in. x 30 in. Welcome to The Fun House Super Scraper Door Mat

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This mat is made from natural coir fibers that are tufted into a durable vinyl base which prevents shedding and keeps the mat in place. The durable, dense and strong natural coir fibers are excellent at trapping dirt and moisture from shoes and are naturally mold and mildew resistant. Fun designs are hand stenciled on the mat using fade resistant dyes.,Striking, durable mat has thousands of coir bristles that helps to capture and remove dirt and moisture from shoes,Nonskid vinyl backing keeps the coir fiber from shedding and keeps the mat in place,These mats are very durable, bravely standing up to any amount of foot traffic,Coir fiber is biodegradable and naturally mold and mildew resistant,Ideal for doors with low thresholds,For optimal results, the manufacturer suggests using this doormat in a sheltered area, such as a covered porch with minimum exposure to extreme moisture and sunlight,Texture and strength of the coir fibers makes this mat ideal for scraping dirt off shoes and keeping moisture out,During the first few weeks, it is normal for the coir doormat to shed loose fibers

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