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11 in. TE-YPX SM 28 mm SDS Max Pointed Chisel

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Look sharp and stay sharp with Hilti self-sharpening chisels. The innovative polygon design and inductive hardening process ensures lasting sharpness and provides excellent chiseling performance for a wide range of applications. These chisels are specifically engineered to help you break through concrete and other base materials to finish your chiseling job efficiently. Made for Breaking and Demolition.,Package includes one 11 in. TE-YPX SM 28 SDS-max pointed chisel,Consistently high breaking and chiseling performance over the chisel's entire lifetime offered by innovative polygon design and self-sharpening tip profile,No rehappening, reforging or rehardening necessary,Connection end: TE-Y (SDS-max),Reduced sticking in concrete or masonry,Polygon form

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