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100 lb. Freestanding Ice Maker in Silver

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Put those ice trays away. The Ice Maker is the ideal solution for fast and convenient cooling your drinks, making and storing ice affordably. Whether you're an avid party host, a restaurant owner trying to keep up with demand, or an office that loves their iced coffee, this ice machine is up to the task. You also get an included ice scoop and installation hosing so you can hook up your ice maker to a constant water source and let it go to work.,Stainless steel construction,Power supply: 120-Volt,Protection against electric shock: first level,Ice trays number: 45 trays,Multiple functions: automatic cleaning function, water shortage alarm function, ice full alarm function, fault alarm function, ambient temperature display function,LCD display lets you know external and internal temperatures and current machine status,Features a self-cleaning function that only takes 20 minutes so your cubes stay fresh, clean, and blemish free,Limited lifetime warranty

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