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10 in. Microfiber Flat Mop

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Gone are the days of pushing dirt, hair and other random particles around your floors when mopping. The patented water filtration system cleans your floors and leaves the water and mop head truly particulate-free after each soak in the mop bucket. Unlike disposable mop head systems that are costly and require multiple mop head replacements, the iMop utilizes the power of a rapid spin-agitator and a filtered water station to clean and replenish the mop head with the perfect amount of moisture for a seamless shopping experience. The process is extremely efficient and effective, delivering a high performance clean with significantly less effort than an ordinary mop. The iMop is truly an engineering marvel and has reimagined the future of mopping.,Innovative cleaning - the imop features a patented water filtration system that separates the dirty water from the clean water making sure dirt and particles don't get reintroduced to the floor, it combined the power of a vacuum and the power of a mop,Eco-friendly green design - only half a gallon of water is needed per clean, by using the compact and lightweight self-cleaning iMOP, your household consumes about 80% less water and floor cleaner than the other mops currently on the market,360° rapid rotating cleaning - only 7-seconds are needed to plunge the handle 12 times to wring out the mop, the iMOP truly realizes no hand washing, so using it won't be a chore, you can even customize the humidity of the mop head for different floor conditions,Functional and convenient - this clever clean mop with adjustable telescopic mop handle and ultra-absorbent machine washable microfiber mop pad that works great in homes, bathrooms, kitchens, apartments, dorms, schools and offices,Imop plus system includes - imop bucket with patented water filtration reservoir (quantity 1), stainless steel mop handle (quantity 1), mop plate (quantity 1), microfiber mop pads (quantity 6) and water filters (quantity 6)

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